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Instructions for using Sunyard brand information package

The Sunyard brand logo and product image materials in the Sunyard brand information package are the work of Sunyard design team, and its intellectual property rights and other related rights belong to Sunyard Company. Before use, please read the following instructions for use and legal notices.

Legal Notices

1. Sunyard is the owner of the intellectual property rights of Sunyard brand logo and related products.

2. All copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights (including but not limited to text, pictures, etc.) of all contents in the Sunyard brand information package are protected by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and corresponding international treaties. Sunyard enjoys the above intellectual property rights, except for the rights that the relevant right holders should enjoy in accordance with the law.

3. Without the written consent of Sunyard, you are not allowed to use Sunyard brand logo. If Sunyard finds that you have used Sunyard logo without legal authorization, or use Sunyard brand logo in violation of the usage specifications, or not within the authorized scope, or not for the purpose of direct profit (including but not limited to) For paid downloads and sales of Sunyard products, Sunyard has the right to protect its legal rights through legal means.

4. If Sunyard finds that you have adjusted or deformed the Sunyard brand logo to make it different in size, detail, or part from the Sunyard logo, Sunyard has the right to pursue your legal responsibility through legal channels.


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