e-Signature & Verification HSM

SRJ1511 signature verification server is a security module with modern cryptographic technology as the core, providing users with a complete and independent operation of a digital certificate-based multi-application and multi-service electronic signature solution.

Product Features

Product Functions

Algorithm Support

SM1 / SM2 / SM3 / SM4 / SSF33


SHA* / MD5

Technical Support

IP address filtering function (whitelist) by managing access to the equipment from client

SM2 and RSA algorithms to provide signature verification for data, messages and files

Log auditing including transaction logs and management logs

Digital envelope generation and decryption in P7 mode

Certificate related functions: issuing authority certificate, application entity certificate, user certificate, etc. certificate application message generation, import, deletion, certificate validity verification, etc.

Application entity information registration, key authorization configuration, setting private key authorization code

Support XML digital signature and verification

True random number generation

Application Fields

Bank Finance

PBOC Second-Generation Payment System  |  Intra-City Liquidation System  |  Networked System
UnionPay Bank Card Information Exchange System  |  Commercial Bank Financial IC Card System
Internet Banking  |  Mobile Banking  |  Self-Service Banking  |  Bill Test Key, etc.

Non-Bank Financial

Insurance Company Electronic Insurance Policy  |  Acquiring Business
Precious Metals  |  Securities  |  Foreign Exchange And Other Trading Systems

Other Industry

National Power Information System  |  Social Security Information System  |  Mobile Operator Acquisition System
Electronic Certification CA System  |  Third-Party Acquirer  |  School Information Management System
Hotel Information Management System