Financial Data Encryption HSM

The SJJ1747 financial data encryption machine has the characteristics of high performance, high security, high compatibility and high reliability.

Product Features

Product Functions

Algorithm Support

SM1 / SM2 / SM3 / SM4 / SSF33


SHA* / MD5

Technical Support

Data hardware encryption and decryption of multiple algorithms and modes (ECB, CBC)

Digital signature and verification of SM2 and RSA algorithms

MAC / TAC generation, verification, and support application cipher text ARQC generation and verification

Management of key generation, distribution, replacement, backup, recovery, storage, destruction, etc.

Conversion and encryption of multiple PINBLOCK formats

American Express Card CSC Generation and verification

VISA card PVV / CVV generation and verification

MasterCard CVC generation and verification

Application Fields

Bank Finance

PBOC Second-Generation Payment System  |  Intra-City Liquidation System  |  Networked System
UnionPay Bank Card Information Exchange System  |  Commercial Bank Financial IC Card System
Internet Banking  |  Mobile Banking  |  Self-Service Banking  |  Bill Test Key, etc.

Non-Bank Financial

Insurance Company Electronic Insurance Policy  |  Acquiring Business
Precious Metals  |  Securities  |  Foreign Exchange And Other Trading Systems

Other Industry

National Power Information System  |  Social Security Information System  |  Mobile Operator Acquisition System
Electronic Certification CA System  |  Third-Party Acquirer  |  School Information Management System
Hotel Information Management System